Welcome to the home care and hospice section of the Babblefish special needs area. We have put this section together to help folks that need help in home or in a special care facility, find it. We hope to add sites and links for you to find help and support.

Home Care & Hospice

National Alliance for Caregiving - dedicated to providing support to family caregivers and the professionals who help them and to increasing public awareness of issues facing family caregivers

Right at Home – is a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those they serve. They fulfill that mission through a dedicated network of locally owned providers of supportive home care and medical staffing services.

hospicenet -For patients and families facing life-threatening illness…..

Helpguide -comprehensive articles are developed and reviewed by professionals in the fields of Hospice care and Caregivers. The easy-to-read articles and eBooks help you understand and find solutions to important questions and needs.

The National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) – supports, empowers, educates, and speaks up for the more than 50 million Americans who care for a chronically ill, aged, or disabled loved one. NFCA reaches across the boundaries of different diagnoses, different relationships and different life stages to address the common needs and concerns of all family caregivers.

Caring Connections – Provides free resources and information to help people make decisions about end-of-life care and services before a crisis. Helps people connect with the resources they need, when they need them. Brings together community, state and national partners working to improve end-of-life care. Spearheads a national consumer engagement campaign called It’s About How You LIVE.

Privatus – They believe that the challenges of daily living should not interfere with the enjoyment of daily life. They provide a wide range of services enabling seniors to live independently in the lifestyle they choose.

ElderCare Community Center – to find support from your peers and from professional caregivers. We provide chat rooms, discussion forums and bulletin boards to help you build personal relationships and share the tips and pointers that make caregiving less of a challenge. The Neighborhood Networks are pages of links to steer you to local resources. Join us for regular real-time discussions with authors and other caregivers

Well Spouse – is a national, not for profit membership organization which gives support to wives, husbands, and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled.

child care online – they realize the importance that community support makes when it comes to quality child care. For that reason they offer services to help you get in touch with other parents, caregivers, organizations, schools, etc., who can offer you help, support, ideas, etc., or just to share a stress relieving laugh.

Child Care Community Portal – is conveniently broken down into easily searchable sections so you can find all the information you need with regards to child care in your specific province or state.


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